What is Raketes?

Raketes is an outdoor, no-net paddleball game that originated in Greece. The wooden paddle is square in shape and the game is played with a tennis ball. We visited Greece in 2013 and were fascinated by the fact that the beaches were packed with people of all ages enjoying this game. These luxurious wooden Raketes paddles are the first product from Gregory Gifts & Games. These luxurious wooden beach paddles are also perfect for kadima, paddleball, frescobol, and matkot. We proudly make them in the USA!

How to Play Raketes

Raketes is easy to learn and fun to play! Hit a tennis ball back and forth, without letting the ball touch the ground, as long as possible! To add competition, draw equal boundaries on each side with neutral area in between. Then, follow basic paddleball rules. Shop Now!

About Gregory Gifts & Games

Tommy and Erica Gregory
Tommy and Erica Gregory

Raketes Paddleball Racquets are made in the USAMy wife and I are both Air Force veterans. In 2015, we decided to start our own business selling unique and high-quality gifts and games. Raketes paddles are our first product, but we have several gifts and games in development. We will only produce and sell products that we use and love. We hope you love them too!

Raketes is a member of the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce
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